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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits (in the sunset)

Fried chicken is of course one the Southern soul food greats. Popeye's originated in New Orleans and it is a long way from the cardboard burger of international "fast food" renown. Side dishes include Cajun rice, red beans and rice, corn on the cob and coleslaw as well as battered seasoned fries (yummy) and mashed potatoes and gravy (very popular Southern dish, not my thing at all). But we usually just get a box of chicken and eat it with some salad from home.
Since you seem to like potatos in general, you might like mashed potatos if they prepared more to your taste. The prep of this dish varies widely from kitchen to kitchen. I like very thick mashed potatos, prepared with butter, a minimal amount of whole milk, salt, and pepper. The finished product should not be whipped to death, but should have some potato character. When you lift a forkful, you should feel a slight heft. I like the potato skins left in, and mixed with the potato. A light (very) touch of garlic is acceptable.

I've never developed a taste for light, whippy mashed potatos - despite being served the dish maybe hundreds of times. The dish is chalky, and not unlike white gruel. Not appealing, at all.
Popeye's opened a few stores around Manila about two years ago...but died out pretty soon. I guess they were not able to capture what the local taste buds are looking for...

And I thought they were a local company. Thanks for sharing :)
we still have Popeyes in Jakarta.
I used to think mashed potatoes were a uniquely British dish, as in "bangers and mash" (bangers= sausages) and am still in shock that the potato of the South is mashed and not something else more world famous, such as fries.
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