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Friday, July 28, 2006
  view from the camper van

A red Dodge truck catches the sunset. We've been seeing a lot of good sunsets lately and one of my favourite things about sunsets is the way the light reflects back on shiny buildings, cars etc. I once took some beautiful panoramic pictures of the buildings along the Danube in Pest from Buda bathed in orange sunsetlight. That was in the olden days when digital cameras were unusual, expensive and not very good; clothes were more boring; nobody had internets; and apart from that everything else was basically the same as it is now. Hmm.
I love how the sunlight bounces off the bumpers!
:) i agree, beautiful photo!

ps. would love to see the shot you took in Budapest!
Like so much of America, our town is so often ugly-beautiful. I'm just now catching on to your daily photo site, Alice, and I'm so glad I made the extra click to find it. I'll be coming back here frequently, and exploring the world's other daily-photo sites too. Thanks!
Thanks everyone else too! I took the Budapest pictures in analogue, of course (it was 2000, aeons ago) and don't have the negatives anymore. It is just unbelievable what primative lives we all used to live, isn't it?

Hey richard, nice to see you here. I do agree about the ugly-beautiful. In different ways it's also my favourite thing about lots of European cities. London for instance- plenty of dirt, and tumbledown ugly stuff along with the elegance and modern glassy stuff.
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