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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
  a block of flats

This overlooks the downtown bit of Shoal Creek that Shadrach posted yesterday. What we should have photographed instead was the zombie rights march (protested by pirates) last week, but unfortunately we missed that event. So instead you get this block of flats. We promise to try harder to picture all future events of the undead and fantastical, but in the meantime you can see these other pictures taken by shannou here on flickr. I still like the apartment block though, especially as it was grey and rainy that day, which is a major novelty here in Texas!

Austin's famous slogan is Keep Austin Weird, but personally I don't think there's any danger of Austin becoming normal anytime ever.
that flickr set has some great photos, i enjoyed it. But i dont get what's the protest about? *i'm slow!*

of course the flat looks nice too :)
Don't worry, it is very confusing what the protest is about, because it is a kind of joke protest about nothing real at all. Like all jokes it is hard to explain why it is funny (I am not even sure, although it makes me laugh), so I am just going to have to give up...
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