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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
  building works

OK: the bad news is, they are building a new Walgreen's on South Lamar. We do not need a new Walgreen's. Actually, we do not need any Walgreen's. They are an ugly overblown pharmacy chain which also sells many random things like frozen pizzas and three-for-two t-shirts for no apparent reason. (Sorry if you like Walgreen's, please ignore my remarks and let us know what we are missing...)

However, the good news is I love this photo! It has everything- building vehicles, a taco sign, telegraph poles and wires, and most of all a grey cloudy sky! It is so nice to have gentler daytime light conditions for a change, and to me, these blues, creams, yellows and reds on this contrasted with the black lines look really beautiful.

Other Daily Photos I especially like today are: an everyday scene with some intrigue from Jing, a beautiful picture of a doorway called "uncertainties" from Kris, and there is more building work from Sean over in Kyle, Texas too.
I like Walgreens. I can get money off my atm card without a service charge at their cash registers, their pharamacy plays well with my insurance, and their automated refile phone system works well.

Oh, and no stupid 'membership' cards like CVS has.

I agree about the weather though.
Nothing wrong with Walgreen's, except that they like to build right were legendary institutions sit. First Maria's, now the Frisco. See
chris, I think the last bit of your link is missing (?), can't get it to work, could you post it again if you're still there?
jim, thanks for the walgreens good news tips- getting money is especially handy, I can never figure out why it is so hard to get your own money for free over here.
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