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Saturday, September 16, 2006
  bunch of signs

America is a car culture because is it so big. The buildings fit the size of the place, the roads between the buildings are wide and long, and because of this (relative to much of the rest of the world) Brobdignagian effect, there is some amount of distance between the passer-by in their car, and the store or restaurant set back from the road behind a parking lot. Hence the enormous important of roadside signs. Without them we would not know what we were missing, and probably keep driving till we ended up in Dallas or Mexico. These signs on South Lamar seem to be competing. They are a bit like pre-internet pop-up ads, in a real-life way.
There are too many signs, I would find them a confusing distraction on your roads ha ha!

Curly's Photoshop
I love this shot. It's so easy to take those things for granted in the U.S., but here you've captured it for us so we don't have to stop the car ourselves!

Be sure to see the write-up in the UK's Guardian newspaper about your blog. Not bad!
michael, thanks for the tip! curly, I know what you mean- this was especially jumbled up though. Usually you can read the signs, especially the all-important giant ones by the freeway/ motorway.
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