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Sunday, September 24, 2006
  Maria's Taco Xpress

And here, following up Thursday's picture of the gorgeous effigy of Maria, owner of Maria's Taco Xpress, we give you... Maria's Taco Xpress! This is the new, fancier, artier, paid-for-by-Walgreens-because-they-made-her-move-ier (sorry), Tex-Mex heaven of South Lamar (not that there aren't plenty of others). Isn't it pretty? Shadrach and Si can fight it out over whether super-chain Taco Bell counts as food or not, I am foreign and have only just discovered queso. Nice stuff!
so that's the restaurant?
i dont get it *blush*
i do like the paintings they did on the wall :)
This is the side of her restaurant. They did a lovely job with the decorations. There is even more too!
I think the wall painting is beautiful, very good idea indeed
haha that is very cute! Also, taco bell is not food! YUCK! Someone once told me the use grade D meat...that sounds really bad!

Love this shot! Good job! :)
Now that's an interesting paint job. Wouldnt' it be nice if more buildings were painted in such interesting ways. We'd have a lot more fun on our walks that way.
Taco Bell has good food... as long as you don't order the beef. The beef isn't very good... and they have good burritos and nachos...

But then again, i'm weird, I hate apples but love broccoli... and i take pictures of the lame quotes on Taco Bell sauce packets for my blog...

Pretty wall-painting!
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