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Monday, September 18, 2006
  Mexican restaurant

This restaurant is on the bottom of South Lamar and I think it's Mexican from the "ria" there, but I took the picture for the unusual-for-Austin palm tree look. For some reason, Texans don't seem to like palm trees very much... we went to Florida once, where they are everywhere, but Texas, no. And as you can see from the blue sky, the weather is getting cooler and more autumny now... not either.
I grew up in South Florida and am amazed at how _many_ palm trees are here, considering the cold winters. I can't believe they've lived through some of the cold snaps I've been through in just my 10 years here, and from what I hear, they used to have worse.
I think I've eaten there... I like "ria" places...

I'm impressed... you got through Austin City Limits Music Festival weekend without making one reference. That's quite a feat!
mike, I noticed they were planting a lot of new palm trees in Florida too, when we were there in January- Floridians really love them, I guess.

sean, there is a very good reason for that, we didn't go and therefore didn't get any pictures and and just got slightly grumpy about it being harder to park for two days instead. (Really I'm just jealous, of course.)
wow...i noticed the clouds in the photo!!
looks so so great!!:D
oo...beautiful~~~i like the sky there.
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