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Thursday, September 14, 2006
  modern condos

There are a lot of new buildings springing up in Austin generally, and definitely a lot in still-urban-but-relatively-cheap South Austin, where we live. These condos impressed me with their clean shiny and utilitarian modern style. No overblown American fake columns and beams round here! I especially liked the colours, which unfortunately came out a bit muddy in my photo, because of being in the shade. This new modern style has really taken off for residential buildings lately, but not everyone here likes the look. So, what do you think? As you can see, the next set are about to go up very soon...
Are those The Bel Air? Appalling suburban-pattern sort-of-urban-buildings. Clustering tall buildings around an internal parking lot gets them -10 in my book.
I don't know, but probably, as they are indeed clustered around a parking lot...maybe my view is coloured by having lived in London for many years, where you'd be grateful for any kind of parking lot at all :)
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