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Friday, September 01, 2006
  my beautiful laundrette

We are having a Theme Day on the Daily Photo network today, so if you click on some of the links on the sidebar you will find lots and lots of doorways from around the world! And our Austin doorway is from Spin Cycle on South Congress. Not just because we were there (although we were) but because it is beautiful in that old-fashioned chrome industrial glorious American way.
Cool shot! This is probably the nicest laundromat I've ever seen.
this is my favorite doorway photo. But not because of the door:) I like the laundromat behind it. We dont really have a service like landry. Everybody washes the clothes at home:)
i agree with both ..this is an insteresting sight. We have the kind where the shop takes your laundry and you'll come back to collect later.
It's a great laundromat, it even has TVs on inside, and vending machines with snacks etc. I'm a bit concerned that Budapest has no laundrettes- do people wash clothes by hand at home if they don't have washing machines?
noooo Alice.:) people here usually have washing machines at home. I keep it in the bathroom..this is the most common solution...some have it in the kitchen. We just dont have public places like I saw on your photo or in the movies where people wash and watch TV, chat etc.:)
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