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Sunday, September 03, 2006
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Let me explain to y'all how we do this: the camera gets taken out and about, whoever feels inspired takes pictures whenever they feel inspired, and depending on the day of the week/ month/ year the photographer could be either of us or one of our four children that come and go. Everything gets loaded onto Flickr. Then someone (usually me) goes through the Flickr pages looking for something Austinish for this blog. And this is what I found today. I'm not sure who took it but I think it's great: lots of our favourite sky wires, a big blue sky, and some shiny buildings, not to mention the blue Ben and Jerry's van and the nice green car. The star of the shot is the big telegraph pole in the middle, perhaps. And maybe Shad, who grew up here unlike me, will pop in later and tell y'all where it actually is.
i should learn from u searching for photos from our town. save me time cracking for ideas :)
I find amazing that all the wires are visible. I saw something like this when I was in Mexico and it brings a special look to a city.
I couldn't believe the visible wires either when I came here from England- I was expecting America to be more modern, for some reason :)
kris, I can't comment on your blog because of the beta problem... wondering if I should change to beta too? Will check that out.
This shot is driving east on 5th street approaching Lamar. On the far bottom-left you can see the frame of the Intel building, abandoned after the bust. The big greenish building is a fancy work-out gym with some retail shops underneath.
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