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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  a downtown scene

Arrgghh... this is what happens when you have three people who are all supposed to be running a blog and obviously need better communication skills... no photo yesterday. Happily, the other Daily Photo blogs manage to get it together better than we do.

This is a city scene and and it shows you what it is like to walk or drive around in downtown Austin. It is nice to post fascinating scenes but the reality is usually more mundane, which I think is lovely too :)

And now I am going on a trip round some other Daily Photo blogs. As a global citizen (trendy new phrase, but nice anyway) I really love roaming around the world via pictures, and getting to chat to people on the way as well, and only wish I had more time to do this every day. Later on I'll come back and link you to some of my favourite pictures in an update.

And here is the update!

Beijing Daily Photo has some lovely shots, I don't seem to have been there fore a while as my favourites are scrolling down a little way. Interesting brief summary of what wushu is (we saw Jet Li's Fearless recently, and I hadn't heard that term before).

Another Alice, this one in Brittany, France, has a lovely fishing boats and houses scene today.

Shanghai Daily Photo has a completely gorgeous sunset photo, I think it is absolutely beautiful (and Jing's comments are always so lovely too).

I'm interested in Jewish history, so enjoyed seeing this sobering but beautiful picture from Kris in Hungary.
so you probably had too many mango margaritas last last night:) thats why no one posted:)
It's always a fun trip to visit Dallas. You know that's what Arkansawyers think, don't you?
Arkansawyers, that's a good word :)

zsolt72, how did you guess? that's uncanny! :)
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