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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I do love a good rainbow... this was in the sky over a road. We've had a couple of rainstorms the last few days, which is always a fairly unusual event, and a rainbow in the Texas sky is especially beautiful because we have such a huge, empty, often bright-blue sky. Here we got fluffy white clouds as the rain was going and the bright blue was on its way back. To remember the colours of the rainbow in order at school, I was told to remember the name of "the famous pop singer, Roy G. Biv" (which stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). As you can see, it worked in my case. Wikipedia suggests the alternative "Ring Out Your Granny's Boots In Vinegar"- but apparently a lot of people don't bother with indigo at all any more! Amazing.
I love the rainbow!
darn, why didnt anyone teachs us to memorize "Roy G Biv" before?
I learned the Roy G Biv method from Bill Nye the Science Guy.
It was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow! And now that you mention it, I learned Roy G. Biv in school too...haha!
woww..its so long I havent seen rainbow in Budapest. I miss it:) Wonderful
beautiful shot of the rainbow!!!
Other people know Roy G. Biv! That's so cool! I thought it was just our teacher who was a bit crazy :)
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