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Monday, November 27, 2006
Well as you can tell, we haven't been posting lately... life chez ADP just got a lot more busy than before, and there hasn't been any time for photography. We are sorry about this, and we miss posting here, but unfortunately work and family are taking precedence right now. Here is our plan: we're going to post as and when possible over the next month, then see how things stand in the New Year.

Meanwhile, any readers from Austin not familiar with the Daily Photo blog ring community might like to know that joining up is open to anyone who wants to post a daily photo from where they live- even if someone else is already doing so. Or if anyone would like to become a team member, we'd be glad to hear from them. Maybe we should invite photos for submission? Not sure if other DPs have considered anything like that.

Anyway, bye for now, and see you all soon hopefully.
Later, maybe?
Love your photos, please come back!

I just moved to Austin and I am loving the visual experience!

Happy Season!
You guys comin' back? I miss the pictures! And there's all those guitars out there and new buildings!
I've got a bunch of Austin photos I could likely send you that I've taken over the last few years... restaurants, bands, clothing stores... If you like, contact me and I may be able to take some of them and post here. I do the Kyle, Texas Daily Photo and enjoy it much.
(posted 5/22/07)
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