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Friday, November 17, 2006
  a house

Well, it's going to be a house. I still can't believe (having lived in England most of my life) that you really can build houses out of wood and not spend the next six months watching them fall down again. But the climate is entirely wood friendly in Texas (hurricanes notwithstanding). They even make great big posh homes out of wood, and then stick pretend stone cladding on the outside to make them look... actually, I don't know why they do that. It seems daft to me.
Having grown up and lived nearly all my life in "earthquake country," I'm always leary of brick houses and structures. Since moving to Seattle, we've noticed a lot of 1920s/30s era homes are lovely little brick places, but you couldn't pay me to live in them, quaint as they seem. Wood frame houses are very sturdy and flex when the earth heaves. So do very tall modern buildings of steel and concrete. I've been in quakes in both and not been bonked by brick one. Reinforced masonry is generally thought good, however.
Puting brick or stone facades on woodframe structures must seem weird. Kind of like station wagons with woodgrain plastic paneling. . . ;^).
Your observations of our customs and building techniques are interesting. Fun photo. Reminds me of childen's building materials!
i hope we'll get to see an "after" version of this picture too.
That's really interesting about the earthquakes, I'd never thought of wood structures being more flexible. I'll try to get an after photo, good idea :)
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